Laminated Veneer Lumber

Quality Begins With Our LVL Core

Beneath that rich wood exterior is a remarkably strong core that is highly resistant to warping, shrinkage, and splitting. LVL or Laminated Veneer Lumber is the key to minimizing dimensional shift in our doors and allows us to provide the highest possible quality product.

Adding To The Integrity Of The Door

Hardwood Dowels

We fasten each stile and rail joint with 5/8 inch splined hardwood dowels. Type-1 waterproof glue and radio frequency electronic curing ensures a tight, lasting bond between components.

Choose Quality and Integrity

When we construct our doors, we choose dependable methods and top of the line hardware. When you choose custom doors from Lakeview Millworks you can rest assured that you have chosen the very best. You can see the difference below:


  • We have chosen the highest quality commercial-grade hinges for our doors.
  • You will notice that the barrels on our hinges, shown on the right, are thicker than many others.
  • All of our finishes are durable and beautiful. A wide variety of finishes are available.
  • We use a 4” hinge as a standard, rather than a 3 ½” hinge.


  • We have chosen a commercial-grade heavy-duty roller latch as a standard on closet doors, instead of a typical ball-latch.
  • Our roller latch is substantial and durable and has an adjustment mechanism on the back.
  • It is available in several finishes.
Door Head BoltDoor Head Bolt

Head Bolts

  • We have chosen a head bolt that is commercial-grade and high quality.
  • Our head bolt conveniently features an extended throw bolt, allowing it to be mounted at a reachable height for operation from a standing position.
  • It is available in a variety of beautiful finishes.


  • We have chosen to assemble our jambs using screws, not staples.door-staples.jpgwood door screws
  • The integrity of your door system is a source of pride for us, therefore, we use the most dependable method to secure your jamb.
  • You can feel confident that our jambs will remain true over time.


C Fold WeatherstrippingWood Door Weatherstripping
  • We have chosen to use high-quality C-fold weatherstripping on all of our exterior door jambs instead of typical rubber bulb weatherstripping.
  • Our weatherstripping has a foam core that does not flatten out after installation and has virtually no water absorption.
  • The foam core is encased in a revolutionary polymer coating that resists punctures and tearing.


Oak Wood Door SillOak Wood Door Sill
  • We have chosen to use high-dam, oak, adjustable-saddle threshholds on our exterior doors rather than stationary, composite or aluminum sills.

Door Shoes

  • door-shoes.jpgdoor-shoe.jpgWe have chosen to use high-quality door sweeps on all of our exterior doors, instead of typical plastic door sweeps.
  • Our door sweeps come with a dark bronze finished, tempered aluminum base with a durable gray vinyl insert.