The Custom Concept

Steps to Choosing your Custom Door Options

To help you create your own ideal door design, we have categorized our doors into six main styles to choose from as seen under the Custom Doors menu option. Please use the following steps as a guide for designing your door. Refer to the corresponding links and menu options for more information.

door-70.jpg?h=100 door-30.jpg?h=100Step 1

Choose your basic door style.

style-80-02.jpg?h=100 style-20-02b.jpg?h=100Step 2

Choose your sub-style. For example, choose standard top, inside arch, etc.

style-60-03.jpg?h=100 style-70-02.jpg?h=100Step 3

Choose your panel and / or light (glass) layout.

type1_panelsmall.jpgStep 4

Choose your wood species, glass options, sticking, and panel options.

door-60.jpg?h=100 RT20_small.jpg?h=100Step 5

Add optional hardware, carved panels, or other accents to further customize your door.